I'll Call You Later, 'K?

My mom used to have this sign that read "Call your mother. She worries." As I kid I probably didn't really comprehend the meaning behind those words. But I'm beginning to now.

My mom talks to her mom on a regular basis. I mean how could you forget when you have a sign in your kitchen to remind you?! My mom and I talk on a regular basis. We were just joking the other day that it's a good thing the phone company doesn't send you a detailed list of all your calls for the month like they used to! I've been out of her house for over five years now. I for the most part have adjusted to this set up. I'm sure it's still strange to her though. Not that she's told me but I think it's a safe assumption :) I mean I am her favorite oldest daughter!

I've always tried to parent in the moment and enjoy every minute with my kids. Yes, even the not so easy ones. I try to remember to always kiss them before parting ways (even for short periods of time), I tell them I love them a lot, I almost always kiss them when buckling them into their car seats, and try to remember what they look like at the end of each day (Lord, knows they're going to grow overnight). You see, I think I realize that no matter how much time I get with them, it will never, ever be enough. 

Then I had a "moment".  This morning A was engaged in imaginary play, something I find absolutely adorable, typically hilarious, and sometimes eerily familiar to my own habits. She loads up her stroller and backpack. Places her sunglasses and high heels on. (Ok, so I don't wear high heels to run errands but she's obviously more stylish) She then announces she's leaving, she'll call me later, 'k? In that moment I realized one day she will leave our house in one way or another and she'll call me later, so I don't worry (too much).


Milestones All Around

What day here at our house! We've had milestones for almost everyone!! 

Last night for the first time B managed to pull himself up onto his knees while holding on to the edge of a chair. Way to go man!

This morning A was showing me something and began to count them. 1-2-3...all the way to 10! I was so surprised asked her to do it again. And she did! She also did it a third time! She's very enthusiastic about saying the number 1o. She's very proud of herself and so am I!

And I'm assuming at this point my hubby will be home from work before midnight :) If he is it will be the most work in one day that any one has every done for the company!


Mess at the McLaughlin's

Ok, this one's for all you who think I'm a good housekeeper.

In the time it took Daniel and I to have a sixty second phone conversation A managed to get the five gallon container of oatmeal out of the pantry and all over the kitchen. Then, bless her heart, she started to help clean it up. However, it was mostly beyond her cleaning capabilities. After a bit I said "A, Why don't you feed the dog. That would be a big help to Momma." She bounded off after the dog food.  She successful put the food and water in the bowl.  Then she accidentally knocked the whole thing over. So, we now had oatmeal on one side of the kitchen floor and wet dog food on the other. 

A gets a gold star for her effort :) How could you be frustrated with that?!

By the way A tried to scoop up the dog food mess into the bowl with her bare hands. I explained to her that the dog wouldn't care and would eat it off the floor. She was excited by this. 

Unfortunately, you can't see the oatmeal on the floor very well. There's some on the table too.


School For Everyone!

Well, it seems school time is quickly approaching here at the McLaughlin house. While most families I know are looking forward to the dog days of Summer, we're getting ready for class. 
I guess I should elaborate slightly, huh? 

As many of you know Daniel went back to college this past Winter with the intent to earn a degree in Religion. He's been extremely successful in his studies. He's earned straight A's so far! Way to go Babe! We've been blessed to have his cost of college covered!

This Fall will begin A's first year of school! We're going to be homeschooling her and have already gotten her curriculum. She doesn't know what's coming but I'm looking forward to it. We already make sure to do her flash cards every afternoon. She's getting very good at them! We're fortunate to have multiple, excellent resources for homeschooling families in our area. 

A little less certain is my desire to return to college. I am continually praying and seeking what God would like me to study. I have a hunch :) it will be in the medical field of some sort. Wether that means something like special education, speech therapy, nutrition, or homeopathy I'm not sure right now. I'm always asking questions to my girlfriends and Blake's specialists to help me hone in on where I could best serve. This is just another example of God's faithfulness through trials. It has only been through the circumstances with B that it became crystal clear to me that I should return to school. I am confident that these trials have spurred me on quicker to God's will for us. I commit this to prayer and know that soon God will reveal the purpose he would like me to pursue. I will keep you posted!

How exciting that we're all learning so much right now!!


Big Boxes Of Blessings

So, in case you're wondering what's in these cases it's EleCare! The formula that B is on for his sensitive, allergy prone, sweet, little body. The best blessing to come our way recently was coverage of his formula from the manufacturer. After being denied by our insurance we appealed to the maker for financial assistance. As this runs us at least $100 per week this was a huge, huge blessing. Thank you! What you see in this one shipment would have run us $1200.