Last weeks grocery run
Last weeks health & beauty run
Last weeks worked out to basically half price!

This weeks shopping
Total Before $236.50 Saved $119.67  Spent $116.83 
I also got 5 cases of Pepsi 12 packs.
This week I did have to get a couple things that weren't on sale at all. 
For example B's avocados and creamer.

"And all I got was one can of dog food..."


My Manly Man


Woo Hoo! Our Garage looks awesome now!! We have also enjoyed the fact that we have a garage but now we like it even more :) For very little money we snagged some good paint at Home Depot off the oops pile, saved some money for the DIY epoxy flooring, and gave D a Home Depot gift card for Father's Day for new, brighter lighting.

Daniel did a great job knocking it out in a short time frame, as always. It seems to have become a local hangout for most men on our street.  Last Saturday when I came home there were numerous men in there and more would stop by as the afternoon went on. 

We're so blessed to have been able to pull this off as it certainly wasn't a have to. I'm sure the Lord will use our garage to allow us to continue sharing our testimony of His blessings and faithfulness.


Suzy Homemaker Strikes Again

Check out my latest (rather successful) attempts around the house!


A couple weekends ago I had a yard sale and got rid of lots of things we simply didn't need anymore! That was great! I decided to take my earnings and get something for the house that 1. didn't take up much space and 2. that we actually wanted. So, here you have it folks! New kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls!! Woo Hoo!! I installed them all by myself too :)




I've been working at making really good broth for a couple months now. I've been following the same recipe the whole time but getting better with each try. B really enjoys his rice cereal mixed with some warm broth. I have to say I think the most important thing is having really high quality chicken. This was from organic, free range, no hormome chicken.


If you follow the link on the side of the blog to Money Saving Mom you too could get freebies in your mailbox! This is just what I got yesterday!

Here's my .02 on everything in this post...Yes, it's nice to be able to make "real" homemade food for my family and be able to adhere to our budget by various means. By the way, let's face it, these seem to be lost abilities in most (not all) of my generation. However, I believe these are just two examples of many commandments I was giving by God when I became a wife.

In Proverbs 31 is a description of a woman I pray God will make me like more and more everyday. I think as wives we're supposed to be resourceful, respectful, and above all worshiping God. I believe the above are just small examples of fruit in my walk with God. I praise Him for His faithfulness to make me a godly wife. God knows (and Daniel knows :)) this process will be something I will have to look to the Lord for everyday.