What If?

When I was in first grade my teacher announced we would have to give a presentation on one of our hobbies. After much deliberation I convinced my Mom to let me show everyone how to give a baby a bath. You see, Mom, had just given birth to my first sister and I was an eager helper. We wrote my lines on index cards then gathered the baby bath, shampoo, towel, and baby doll. I was shy back then and far from a public speaker, I got over that. Mom and I practiced my presentation until I didn't need my index cards. Then dress rehearsal day came.

After conquering my fears and a pretty darn good dress rehearsal the teacher informed me that bathing a baby was not a "hobby". I'd have to come up with another presentation before the actual presentation day. My heart sank and felt inadequate. Wether it was right or wrong, I'm not here to debate, Mom let me stay home "sick" the day of presentations. I laugh now to think of this because some days bathing a kid is as close as I get to having a hobby.

We all have talents, gifts, and passions. Sometimes God allows us or calls us to use them in prominent positions, think Dr. Dobson, Billy Graham, David Crowder. Other times we use them in discrete, but not less important venues.

Once upon a day I spent days per week dancing on my toes, in anticipation of Spring recital. I practiced singing for years to eventually sing on stage at Carnegie Hall with my high school choir. I loved on and cared for my younger sisters day in and day out. I've prepared and led a women's small group. I teach two years that Jesus loves them. I enjoyed writing research papers in college. I would study for hours on end to make the Dean's List.

But what if all I "ever" do with my practiced and preformed talents is sing our children to sleep, dance in the kitchen with my husband, stay up late to write about what God has revealed to me through his word, and have an encouraging conversation over sour gummy worms with a girlfriend?

I'm at peace with that. It was worth the practice. May He be blessed in all the seemingly mundane activities throughout our days. Don't be fooled into thinking the day in and day out isn't important.