Well, our family made it out to pick strawberries this past Saturday morning! It was a great time for the kids to play outside and ride in the wagon to the strawberry field. They helped pick some but ate lots and lots. How can you tell your kids they can't have anymore strawberries?! I mean, really, doesn't that go against everything I tell them about eating good foods? All of the berries from our farm are free of pesticides and chemical free. 

Check out the gorgeous view from the farm too! We love the ride out there. It's so beautiful, rich in flowers blooming and  lacking in concrete. It's exactly what our family needed after a busy week.

I have been unsuccessful in locating pectin at our local grocery store. I guess there's not a huge market for people making their own jelly around here. So, for now I've opted to freeze our berry supply. Hopefully, we'll find pectin this week and make jelly.

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