Praise The Lord

The Lord's faithfulness is great!

After two plus years of struggling and striving to make sure B is growing strong and healthy we got great news yesterday! He is now officially in the 25th percentile for growth! We've had progress for quite some time now but yesterday's news came as a huge relief to me personally.

See, this is the thing, I've literally busted all out trying to help B get all the best nutrition he can. Researching different foods, reading about kinds of fat, learning cheaper ways to eat these nutrient packed foods, and always keeping a checklist of his calorie intake in the back of my head.

However, the most important thing was prayer. B was never expected to be this high on the percentile chart and never "supposed" to fully potty train before the age of five due to gastrointestinal issues. I am confident the Lord is healing our Little Man. There is your proof. If you ever doubt what the Lord can do just hug B next time you see him and remember.

Trusting the Lord for great and wonderful things in our family's future.

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The Nelsons said...

It is prouf that the Lord is so good and can bring us past anything! I can't wait to hug Blake when I see you guys in Jan! Hearing that brought me so much joy. It is so neat to see our prayers answered!
Blessings over your family!