The McLaughlin's Economic Plan

Without trying to stir up any financial controversy, I just have to share with you what budget is working for us.

We've gone through seasons of using only cash, using only debit cards, and a mix of the two. However, at the end of the day, what works best for us is cold, hard cash, Baby. You can click on the link to Dave Ramsey if you're unfamiliar with this approach, it's on the right hand side of our blog. Literally, the only downside is the unsightly envelopes that we carry around. Once they finally gave up and fell apart we moved on to a canceled check file. Let's face it though, it's not cute, it's purely functional. While function is the bottom line, let's have some frugal fun in the process...

You can find these beautifully, upgraded files at Etsy.com, keyword MyLilBudgetBook, they start at $14.95. Or if you're blessed like me to have a sister, who prefers to use the right side of her brain, beg her to make you one, two, or even four! That's exactly what I've done! She has joyful agreed! Now as soon as I can pick out my fabric (the best part) she'll make me some. I'll post pictures once I get them back, upgraded of course!

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