I Took The Winter Off!

Eeek! Our Winter is over! I can hardly believe it! We had great family time and made precious memories. 

A is quite the Daddy's Girl. She loved helping Daddy look for deer and playing Mom. This week she folded an entire load of laundry all by herself! 

B learned to walk this Winter and he has new words everyday! Yesterday was "open" and "off". He's doing very well health wise which is so refreshing.

Daniel and I got away by ourselves twice this Winter! Once for a long weekend marriage retreat and once for a week long, all expenses paid Caribbean Cruise! Thanks Potomac :) 

We finished up at the Baptist church Daniel had been leading at and are now attending a non-denominational church. We've been there since the first of the year. We're quickly falling in love with the church and the people there. 

As always the Lord has been, is, and will be faithful! 

Here's to the end of Winter and the sweet memories we have left to remember it by!

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Elizabeth said...

Hey there...nice to have you back in the blogging world!