Mess at the McLaughlin's

Ok, this one's for all you who think I'm a good housekeeper.

In the time it took Daniel and I to have a sixty second phone conversation A managed to get the five gallon container of oatmeal out of the pantry and all over the kitchen. Then, bless her heart, she started to help clean it up. However, it was mostly beyond her cleaning capabilities. After a bit I said "A, Why don't you feed the dog. That would be a big help to Momma." She bounded off after the dog food.  She successful put the food and water in the bowl.  Then she accidentally knocked the whole thing over. So, we now had oatmeal on one side of the kitchen floor and wet dog food on the other. 

A gets a gold star for her effort :) How could you be frustrated with that?!

By the way A tried to scoop up the dog food mess into the bowl with her bare hands. I explained to her that the dog wouldn't care and would eat it off the floor. She was excited by this. 

Unfortunately, you can't see the oatmeal on the floor very well. There's some on the table too.

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