I'll Call You Later, 'K?

My mom used to have this sign that read "Call your mother. She worries." As I kid I probably didn't really comprehend the meaning behind those words. But I'm beginning to now.

My mom talks to her mom on a regular basis. I mean how could you forget when you have a sign in your kitchen to remind you?! My mom and I talk on a regular basis. We were just joking the other day that it's a good thing the phone company doesn't send you a detailed list of all your calls for the month like they used to! I've been out of her house for over five years now. I for the most part have adjusted to this set up. I'm sure it's still strange to her though. Not that she's told me but I think it's a safe assumption :) I mean I am her favorite oldest daughter!

I've always tried to parent in the moment and enjoy every minute with my kids. Yes, even the not so easy ones. I try to remember to always kiss them before parting ways (even for short periods of time), I tell them I love them a lot, I almost always kiss them when buckling them into their car seats, and try to remember what they look like at the end of each day (Lord, knows they're going to grow overnight). You see, I think I realize that no matter how much time I get with them, it will never, ever be enough. 

Then I had a "moment".  This morning A was engaged in imaginary play, something I find absolutely adorable, typically hilarious, and sometimes eerily familiar to my own habits. She loads up her stroller and backpack. Places her sunglasses and high heels on. (Ok, so I don't wear high heels to run errands but she's obviously more stylish) She then announces she's leaving, she'll call me later, 'k? In that moment I realized one day she will leave our house in one way or another and she'll call me later, so I don't worry (too much).


Julie said...

Good post, Amanda. I especially like the "stylish" touches and the message. Thanks.

The Nelsons said...

Audrey is too cute! I would love to hear her say her little words. Ya know when I was there she had words but not sentences like that. So very fun! We miss you guys! I have been looking for an oportunity to call you. It stinks that you are on a later time zone because I want to call after putting Lucy to bed and I know I can't since it is 10pm your time.

Elizabeth said...

I used to do the shopping thing too...except that I packed up, said "Bye, Mom. I'm going shopping" and then walked all the way down the street before a neighbor had to bring me back. And I talk to my mom almost every day too!