My Best CVS Run Ever!

Ok, seriously, you've got to see this!!
This will be hard to beat!!

I got all of the above (PLUS five 12 packs of soda!) last week at CVS, of course. However, this is the best part, I was actually paid $8.33 in CVS store credit to take it out of the store!

I am NOT kidding you!

Now, I promise I will get back to posting on other topics too :) Daniel asked me the other day wether I had changed my topics on here to money saving. What can I say? I love to get a good deal! However, I figure you get the point now, cause you all are very smart people.


Elizabeth said...

I love CVS...there should be prizes or a contest to see who saves the most money. You definitely would have won this week!

Heidi said...

Wow, you have to tell me how to do this! I had no idea it was possible!! =)