My Manly Man


Woo Hoo! Our Garage looks awesome now!! We have also enjoyed the fact that we have a garage but now we like it even more :) For very little money we snagged some good paint at Home Depot off the oops pile, saved some money for the DIY epoxy flooring, and gave D a Home Depot gift card for Father's Day for new, brighter lighting.

Daniel did a great job knocking it out in a short time frame, as always. It seems to have become a local hangout for most men on our street.  Last Saturday when I came home there were numerous men in there and more would stop by as the afternoon went on. 

We're so blessed to have been able to pull this off as it certainly wasn't a have to. I'm sure the Lord will use our garage to allow us to continue sharing our testimony of His blessings and faithfulness.


Josh Via said...

Hey, my husband, Josh, just told me about you and your husband from your e-mail. It's nice to meet you in cyber space=) I'm excited to keep up with you on your blog!!

Tasha Via said...

Sorry, Josh keeps snaggin' my computer and changing my passwords=) That was from me.

Rob said...

You do have a manly man husband. He's a beast.